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What is a Scrabble Go Cheat?

Simply put, a Scrabble Go cheat is a free online word finder tool that helps you win in Scrabble and Scrabble Go. Our Scrabble Go Word Finder tool is advanced... it will unscramble all your tiles/letters (including blank letters) and find all playable Scrabble words, instantly!

Using Our Word Finder

Our Scrabble Solver is an easy tool to use & win, here is how to use it.

  • Click the gear next to the search box to customize the length of your word and what letters you want the word to start with.
  • You can use '?' for blank letters.
  • Enter your tiles/letters including blank letters into the search box (i.e. CH?AT) and click search.
  • Select the highest scoring word from the search results and win your game!

If you want to learn the ins and outs of Scrabble Read our full Scrabble Go Guide below for more details on how to play.

What is Scrabble Go?

Scrabble is a traditional word game that has been adored by families and individuals for years. In fact, it was first released in 1938, and since then there have been many different versions of the game created. One of the most recent versions is Scrabble GO, which enables you to play Scrabble on your mobile phone.

Whether you’re chilling at home or looking to kill time on your commute, you can use the Scrabble GO app to challenge yourself and compete with other players as well. With that in mind, let’s take a look at how to play Scrabble GO in further detail, as well as providing you with some information on the differences between Scrabble GO and standard Scrabble.

How To Play Scrabble GO

Scrabble GO is the latest version of the official Scrabble app for mobile devices. If you have an iPad or iPhone, you will be able to download it from the Apple App Store. If you have an Android device, simply head to the Google Play Store.

Play with your friends by connecting your Facebook account

When you start up the app on your tablet or phone for the first time, it will give you the option of connecting your Facebook account. This is the main way you are going to be able to enjoy Scrabble GO with your friends. You do not have to do this if you don’t want to. If you would prefer you can select the “Play as Guest” option, which is ideal for playing with strangers and enjoying single-player games. You still have the option of searching for friends via their user ID or name if you would prefer.

Navigating the main menu

Your first experience with the Scrabble GO main home screen can be a little overwhelming, as there is a lot going on. We’ll explain everything below so that you can get a better understanding.

Upper menu items

You are mainly going to find status-related items near the top of the screen. This includes your inbox, which is represented by an envelope. You will find most of the rewards you have earned here. You will also find your gems at the top of the screen, which is the in-game currency. Gems can be used to buy items, including boosts. Your profile is at this part of the screen. This is either indicated by the first letter of your name or profile picture. Your current experience (XP) level is represented by the meter and number next to this.

Start a new game

There is a narrow bar across the middle of your main home screen, which gives you a number of different options when starting a fresh game. You can find friends to play from the contact list on your home, play Scrabble Classic without any boosts, begin a single-player game against the computer, match up against an opponent the game picks on your behalf, find opponents based on suggestions, find friends when you connect social networks, and search for a friend via their user ID or name.

Main carousel

The main carousel is featured most prominently just above the center of the screen. Swipe to the right or light to scroll between the different items and options. The order can vary, yet some of the things that you may find here include:

  • Special events - You can participate in time-limited events to earn bonuses and prizes.
  • Match Me - Begin a game against a random opponent.
  • Play Now - Find invitations to pay against certain opponents.

Active games

In a similar manner to swiping right or left in the main carousel, this can be done when it comes to your active games. Typically, the games in yellow are first, as these indicate the games whereby it is your turn. After this, there are games in orange, which are your potential matchups. Finally, there are games in blue, which indicate that it is currently your opponent’s turn. After all of the active games, you are going to find a number of different options, including starting a new game, connecting with friends, and viewing your match history.

Lower navigation buttons

There are five navigation buttons that you will find at the bottom of the main home screen. From right to left, they are as follows:

  1. News - You can check out your leaderboards, as well as any other updates.
  2. Arena - Here you will be able to view upcoming tournaments and special events.
  3. Home - Main home screen with all of the features described above.
  4. Tiles - Premium and custom letter tiles, which includes unlocking progress.
  5. Shop - Here, you can redeem or buy gems for in-game items.

Differences Between Scrabble and Scrabble GO

A lot of people fear that they won’t be able to enjoy the traditional Scrabble experience when using their mobile phone, but this could not be further from the truth.

The same 100 letter tile set is used as the original game of Scrabble. Plus, the values for each of the individual letters are the same as well, i.e. Z and Q are with 10 points, whereas letters like S and E are worth one point. Plus, every player will begin with seven letter tiles at the start of the game, so it is set up in the exact way that traditional Scrabble is.

How To Win Big in Scrabble GO

scrabble go

One thing that you can do in traditional Scrabble is to challenge a word. This is not a feature of Scrabble GO. The game will automatically verify every word. If it is invalid, it will show in red and you cannot submit your play. If the word is valid, it will be highlighted in green. Just like traditional Scrabble, the player with the most points will win in the end.

Making the most of bonus spaces

Whoever takes the first turn will automatically get a double word score. You need to use the center space. Aside from this, there are a number of bonus spaces throughout the game as well. This includes Triple Word Score (TW), Triple Letter Score (TL), Double Word Score (DW), and Double Letter Score (DL). To score even more points, you can stack these bonuses on top of one and other.

Scrabble GO boosts

There are a number of boosts you can use during your turn on Scrabble GO, including the following:

  • Word Spy - Enables you to see all possible word locations.
  • Rack Swap - Swap letters without losing a turn.
  • Quick Word - Play a random word from your rack.

Features in Scrabble GO

There are a number of different features on Scrabble GO that enhance the fun provided. This includes the following:

  • Level up to unlock more - You can unlock new collectible Scrabble tiles and other exciting features by scoring points in Scrabble Duels and Games or be ranking highly on the Arena leader boards.
  • Track your stats - You can view your best plays, longest words, scoring averages, and much more. Players get an in-depth profile play that enables them to see how their puzzle Scrabble skills are advancing.
  • Boosts - You can take your game play to the next level with powerful word game boosts such as Vortex, Word Spy, Upgrade, and Hint.
  • Practice Mode - Another feature that a lot of people enjoy is Practice Mode, as this gives you the opportunity to play Scrabble one-on-one against the computer so you can hone your skills and try out different tactics and strategies.
  • Scrabble Leagues - You also have the ability to play against your friends on Scrabble so that you can improve your ranking on the leagues, enabling you to get more chests and XP, as well as an exclusive League Frame so that you can show off the progress you have made.

You Can Enjoy Different Word Games on Scrabble GO

One reason why a lot of people enjoy Scrabble GO so much is that there are different opportunities for you to challenge yourself. While you can enjoy the conventional scrabble board, you can also take part in one of four fast-paced competitive game modes, which are as follows:

  • Rush - With Rush mode, you can challenge yourself. This is a Solo Scrabble mode.
  • Tumbler - If you are a fan of anagrams, you will enjoy this game. There is a rotating set of letters and you have a limited amount of time to find as many high-scoring words as possible.
  • Word Drop - This is a new word search game. New custom tiles will replace used word tiles, meaning you have fresh crossword game possibilities.
  • Duels - If you like head-to-head gaming, duels are a must. You will have five turns against players of similar skill. Make sure you lookout for the timer. If you win, you will be able to unlock Scrabble prize chests.

So there you have it: everything that you need to know about Scrabble GO and how to play this game effectively. We hope that this guide helps you to make the most out of this traditional word game, which you can enjoy on your mobile phone!

Links to Download Scrabble Go

You can download Scrabble Go for Android or iOS from the links below. Have fun!