quarrel is worth 24 points in the game of Scrabble®

Definitions for the word, quarrel
(n.) A breach of concord, amity, or obligation; a falling out; a difference; a disagreement; an antagonism in opinion, feeling, or conduct; esp., an angry dispute, contest, or strife; a brawl; an altercation; as, he had a quarrel with his father about expenses.
(n.) A four-sided cutting tool or chisel having a diamond-shaped end.
(n.) A glazier's diamond.
(n.) A small opening in window tracery, of which the cusps, etc., make the form nearly square.
(n.) A square of glass, esp. when set diagonally.
(n.) A square or lozenge-shaped paving tile.
(n.) An arrow for a crossbow; -- so named because it commonly had a square head.
(n.) Any small square or quadrangular member
(n.) Earnest desire or longing.
(n.) Ground of objection, dislike, difference, or hostility; cause of dispute or contest; occasion of altercation.
(n.) One who quarrels or wrangles; one who is quarrelsome.
(v. i.) To dispute angrily, or violently; to wrangle; to scold; to altercate; to contend; to fight.
(v. i.) To find fault; to cavil; as, to quarrel with one's lot.
(v. i.) To violate concord or agreement; to have a difference; to fall out; to be or become antagonistic.
(v. t.) To compel by a quarrel; as, to quarrel a man out of his estate or rights.
(v. t.) To quarrel with.

36 Scrabble® words found in the Scrabble® word, quarrel
5 letter words
quare (18 points)
equal (14 points)
quale (14 points)
lurer (13 points)
ruler (13 points)
rural (13 points)
urare (13 points)
ureal (9 points)
4 letter words
rare (12 points)
rear (12 points)
ruer (12 points)
earl (8 points)
lear (8 points)
lure (8 points)
rale (8 points)
real (8 points)
rule (8 points)
urea (8 points)
3 letter words
qua (12 points)
err (11 points)
are (7 points)
ear (7 points)
era (7 points)
lar (7 points)
rue (7 points)
ale (3 points)
eau (3 points)
lea (3 points)
leu (3 points)
2 letter words
ar (6 points)
er (6 points)
re (6 points)
ae (2 points)
al (2 points)
el (2 points)
la (2 points)

Scrabble letter values
A is 1 points
B is 3 points
C is 3 points
D is 2 points
E is 1 points
F is 4 points
G is 2 points
H is 4 points
I is 1 points
J is 8 points
K is 5 points
L is 1 points
M is 3 points
N is 1 points
O is 1 points
P is 3 points
Q is 10 points
R is 1 points
S is 1 points
T is 1 points
U is 1 points
V is 4 points
W is 4 points
X is 8 points
Y is 4 points
Z is 10 points

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