setter is worth 14 points in the game of Scrabble

Definitions for the word, setter
(n.) A hunting dog of a special breed originally derived from a cross between the spaniel and the pointer. Modern setters are usually trained to indicate the position of game birds by standing in a fixed position, but originally they indicated it by sitting or crouching.
(n.) A shallow seggar for porcelain.
(n.) An adornment; a decoration; -- with off.
(n.) One who adapts words to music in composition.
(n.) One who hunts victims for sharpers.
(n.) One who, or that which, sets; -- used mostly in composition with a noun, as typesetter; or in combination with an adverb, as a setter on (or inciter), a setter up, a setter forth.
(v. t.) To cut the dewlap (of a cow or an ox), and to insert a seton, so as to cause an issue.

40 words found in the Scrabble word, setter

6 letter words

retest 6
street 6
tester 6

5 letter words

ester 5
reest 5
reset 5
steer 5
stere 5
terse 5
trees 5
trets 5

4 letter words

erst 4
rees 4
rest 4
rete 4
rets 4
seer 4
sere 4
sett 4
stet 4
tees 4
test 4
tets 4
tree 4
tres 4
tret 4

3 letter words

ere 3
ers 3
ree 3
res 3
ret 3
see 3
ser 3
set 3
tee 3
tet 3

2 letter words

er 2
es 2
et 2
re 2

Scrabble letter values
A is 1 points
B is 3 points
C is 3 points
D is 2 points
E is 1 points
F is 4 points
G is 2 points
H is 4 points
I is 1 points
J is 8 points
K is 5 points
L is 1 points
M is 3 points
N is 1 points
O is 1 points
P is 3 points
Q is 10 points
R is 1 points
S is 1 points
T is 1 points
U is 1 points
V is 4 points
W is 4 points
X is 8 points
Y is 4 points
Z is 10 points

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