3 Letter Z Words - Scrabble®

Here is a list of z words. These words can be used in the game Scrabble®. The letter z and the letter q have the highest point values in Scrabble®. The Z tile is worth 10 points in Scrabble®, so, knowing words contain the Z tile will give you a better chance of dominating your opponents! We found 24 words that match your search.
3 Letter Words
adz is 13 points
azo is 12 points
biz is 14 points
coz is 14 points
fez is 15 points
fiz is 15 points
lez is 12 points
wiz is 15 points
zag is 13 points
zap is 14 points
zas is 12 points
zax is 19 points
zed is 13 points
zee is 12 points
zek is 16 points
zep is 14 points
zig is 13 points
zin is 12 points
zip is 14 points
zit is 12 points
zoa is 12 points
zoo is 12 points
zuz is 21 points
zzz is 30 points

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Scrabble letter values
A is 1 points
B is 3 points
C is 3 points
D is 2 points
E is 1 points
F is 4 points
G is 2 points
H is 4 points
I is 1 points
J is 8 points
K is 5 points
L is 1 points
M is 3 points
N is 1 points
O is 1 points
P is 3 points
Q is 10 points
R is 1 points
S is 1 points
T is 1 points
U is 1 points
V is 4 points
W is 4 points
X is 8 points
Y is 4 points
Z is 10 points

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Combine Words
Bird + Duck = Bick
Apple + Honor = Aplonor
Hand + Locker = Handocker

Combine Names
Brad + Angelina = Brangelina
Robert + Katelyn = Robyn
Gregory + Janet = Granet

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