Wordament Solver

This Wordament Word Finder is the only online cheat you will ever need solve any puzzle in Wordament! Enter your letters into the 4x4 grid below. Download the Wordament app.

What is Wordament?

Wordament is a word scramble game created by Microsoft. The game play is easy! You get a 4x4 grid of scrambled letters and you have to swipe across or diagonal to form as many words as you can.

Wordament tracks your progress by maintaining multiple stats about your gameplay including your best word, total score, best word count, and first place finishes.


  • Over 1500 levels
  • Go on an adventure! With the adventure mode.
  • Complete daily challenges.
  • Win bonuses!
  • Quick Play to jump right into your favorite difficulty mode
  • two and three-letter tiles
  • speed rounds
  • themed words
  • Single & multi-player modes
  • Xbox Live Support
Links to download Wordament