Anagram Solver

Our Anagram Solver will quickly find all words from the letters you enter. This Anagram Finder works GREAT in Scrabble and Words With Friends (WWF).

You can also unscramble anagrams in Spanish, German, Italian, and French.

How Do You Find Word Anagrams Using Our Anagram Solver?

Here is an example: What anagrams can I make with these letters, "w o r d s"? Five letters can make so many letter combinations!

I put the letters W O R D S into the anagram creator, and right away, I get the answer: SWORD. It was almost instant!

Typical Uses of an Anagram Finder

  • Cheating in a Word Game or Board Game
  • Making Name Anagrams & Acronyms for your birth name
  • Unscrambling Scrabble Anagram Words
  • Finding all possible words in Words With Friends
  • Solving crossword puzzles (we also have a crossword solver)
  • Completing the Daily Jumble
  • Discovering new anagrams and words in Scrabble, Words With Friends, Text Twist, or Word Connect
  • Writing anagrammatic versions of a word for a "secret code" game.
  • Unscrambling the letters in a word search or word lists
  • Translating or deciphering the "secret code" word from the game mentioned above.
  • Helps you find the daily Wordle Answer

Decoding An Anagram

It is hard for anyone to look at a set of scrambled letters and find all anagrams and words it contains without using anagram generators. That is where an anagram solver comes in. Our Anagram Solver Tool will find all possible anagrams by unscrambling and rearranging the letters. We will display a full list of words sorted by word length, playable in Words With Friends, Scrabble, Text Twist, other word games, and some board games.

Another example: What is an anagram of AUCTIONED? There are two word anagrams, CAUTIONED AND EDUCATION

Discovering multiple words from anagrams is simple with our anagram unscrambler. Our anagram maker quickly unscrambles letters to show you all possible words and anagrams. Using our word solver is easy, enter the letters into the search box, use the advanced options if necessary, and that's it!

You can also solve multiple word anagrams puzzles. All you have to do is enter one scrambled word at a time. You can enter the entire scrambled phrase and pick out the words from the resulting list of unscrambled anagrams. Either way works.

Our anagram word finder works for one word, two words, three words, four words, and full sentences

Tips to Help Solve Single Word Anagrams In Word Scramble Games

Here are a few scenarios in which using a word anagram solver would be especially beneficial.

Anagramming Scenario 1:

You are anagramming... and you have a seven letter anagram to solve and you have 7 scrambled letters. What do you do?

  • If you can, scramble the anagram letters around in a different pattern. Sometimes it will help something jumps out at you.

    For example, here are seven letters: G N I S A A B

    Scramble them, A B I S A N G... again... ABAISNG... got it! ABASING

  • Look for possible suffixes. A lot of English words are formed by the addition of suffixes. Words like walk + ed, reflect + ion or ed and so on.

    Here is a list of the most common English suffixes: ing, acy, al, ance, ence, ed, er, or, ist, ity, ty, ment, ness, ship, tion, sion, ate, ly, able, ible, ful, ic, ical, ous, ive, ish, y, less

  • Look for prefixes. Just as with suffixes, prefixes can change a words form and create a new word (anagram).

    Here is a list of common English prefixes: anti, auto, de, down, dis, extra, hyper, il, im, in, ir, inter, mega, mid, over, out, post, pre, post, pro, re, semi, sub, tele, up, under, un, ultra.

In this anagramming scenario, you will notice that the word ABASING ends in ING, so if you found that suffix first, you would only have 4 letters to work with. A A B S, from there you could deduce that it isn't likely for it to start with a BS, so you can eliminate that combination.

Now you are left with either ABAS + ING or BASA + ING and A isn't common after ING, so elimate that and you solved your anagram!

Anagramming Scenario 2:

You are playing a word scramble game like Scrabble or Words With Friends and you are dealt 7 tiles. This time its different, because not only can the word have 7 letters, but also 6 letters, 5 letters, 4 letters, 3 letters or 2 letters. How many words can you make with these letters?

Knowing what a permutation is helps: A permutation is a different way to arrange characters or digits in a word or number. According to word descrambler, a 7 letter word has 2,520 different ways to unscramble the letters!

Lucky for us, we don't have to deal with all those combinations. There are only so many words with these letters you have, a lot less than 2520! Here is an example, paeotun, I skipped ahead and used our anagram solver to find out how many anagrams & and possible words it has: 137. That is still a lot, but using these techniques you can narrow it down a bit.

  • Just like above, look for suffixes: I instantly noticed the letters: AUTO
  • Look for prefixes... nope, none!

There are only 3 letters left in the 7 letter word, and they happen to be in the correct order, PEN... got it AUTOPEN

Here are words unscrambled from your word

That's not all the words, but those are words that I found quickly by using the anagram solving tips above.

Popular Anagrams

Harry Potter fans may recognize this one, "I am Lord Voldemort." In the second Harry Potter book, J.K. Rowling explains that I am Lord Voldemort is an anagram of the character's birth name, Tom Marvolo Riddle.

More Anagrams

  • "Listen" and "Silent"
  • "Astronomer" and "Moon starer"
  • "The eyes" and "They see"
  • "Funeral" and "Real fun"
  • "School master" and "The classroom"
  • "Elvis" and "Lives"
  • "Dormitory" and "Dirty room"
  • "Conversation" and "Voices rant on"
  • "A gentleman" and "Elegant man"
  • "Eleven plus two" and "Twelve plus one"

Multiple Word Anagrams

This is a perfect example of a multiple word anagram. The word "Cautioned", is also "Education" and "Auctioned" with a simple change in the arrangement of the letters.

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