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Enter Scrabble letters from your rack, use '?' for wild cards (blanks).

What is a Scrabble Word Finder?

A Scrabble Word Finder is a free and easy word game tool to help you find and unscramble Scrabble Words. Our Word Finder Tool will search the entire Scrabble Dictionary and quickly discover the highest scoring words. You can use blanks and pattern matching, which will help you unscramble the letters in your rack. Scrabble is very similar to Words With Friends, so don't hesitate to try our Words With Friends Cheat as well.

Why Should you use a Scrabble Cheat?

Simple, it helps you learn new words and win more often! Our Word Finder unscrambles your letters into playable Scrabble words. By doing this for you, you learn and remember which words and anagrams are allowed.

Scrabble uses multiple dictionaries with hundreds of thousands of words. It is a very complicated task to keep track of every playable word -- that's another benefit of our Scrabble Cheat. We have updated versions of all of the official Scrabble dictionaries.

More Reasons to use our Scrabble Word Finder

  1. Don't think of it as a Scrabble cheat. Our tool is simply a "Scrabble Helper" to teach you to play Scrabble.
  2. It will help you out of a jam when you have a scrambled mess of tiles, and you can't find words.
  3. Are you tired of losing? Our Cheat is a great tool to get some wins under your belt, and most likely, you will begin to WIN EVERY GAME!
  4. A lot of people use a Scrabble Word Helper; this is just leveling the playing field.
  5. You can use our Scrabble Word Checker to win challenges and check Scrabble words.
  6. Learning how to play is your primary goal, which will make you an unstoppable Scrabble Master!

Learning how to play is a great outcome, but it isn't the only outcome. You will also gain an advanced vocabulary and an intense understanding of what each Scrabble word means. Playing Scrabble will be fun again.

Word games are so much fun until you get stuck! Now you don't have to worry, which is great because, according to Bernard Golden, Ph.D., emotions can cloud your judgment. So keep calm, and you will do better.

The main thing to remember about Scrabble and Scrabble GO is that the more high scoring words you know, the better chance you have of using them at the appropriate time.

Higher scores = More wins!

How to use our Word Finder

  1. Enter your letters into the search box, including '?' for blanks.
  2. Choose an official Scrabble Word Dictionary

    • NWL - TWL06 (United States, Canada and Thailand Dictionary)
    • CSW - SOWPODS (All other countries)
  3. Find Scrabble words starting with a certain letters. (optional)
  4. Choose the ending tile or letter (optional)
  5. Click the magnifying glass and our Scrabble Helper will unscramble all valid words with your (tiles) letters in them.

Our Word Finder cheat works with Scrabble, Scrabble GO, and Words With Friends.

Have you Ever Tried a Scrabble Cheat Board?

Many Scrabble solver sites offer a online Cheat Board. Using the Board editor, you can recreate the game you are currently playing and the word finder tool to generate the best Scrabble words.

We are in the process of adding a Online Scrabble Cheat board to our site and it should be available very soon!


  • Scrabble cheat boards will help you figure out your next move visually.
  • Sometimes you can upload a screenshot of your Scrabble board to make setting up the board editor easier.
  • The word solver will make decisions using the bonus squares, which increase your score!

Other Languages

High Value Scrabble Word Lists

This is our comprehensive list of high value words for Scrabble and Scrabble GO. All of these words are valid, and excellent to know!

How to Play Scrabble?

Scrabble is a word puzzle game owned by Hasbro. The game is simple; two to four players score points by placing a letter tile on the Scrabble board to make a valid word. The letters must form words in a crossword puzzle style. They can read left to right in rows or downward in columns.

You can only use words from one of the official Scrabble Word dictionaries.

Scrabble Word Dictionaries

  • NWL (NASPA Word List) - USA, Canada, Thailand - formerly TWL

  • CSW (Collins Scrabble Words) - All other countries - formerly SOWPODS

scrabble word finder

Starting a Game of Scrabble

At the start of the game you will have a Scrabble board, 100 letter tiles, a letter bag and up to 4 letter racks. Choose your dictionary based on your country of origin. Place all tiles into the letter bag, shake them up and draw to see who goes first. The player that draws the tile closest to the letter "A" or if a blank tile is drawn that player starts.

After the turns are chosen, return the tiles to the bag and shake them again. Each player will then draw seven (7) tiles and place them on their letter rack.

The Rules of Scrabble

  • Words can be placed either across or down. Diagonal words are not allowed.
  • Each player should tally their score at the end of his or her turn.
  • The players take turns to the left.
  • On each turn the player must add one or more letters to an already played word to receive the points for full word built.
  • If the letters played touches any adjacent words, it must also form a word in order to be playable.
  • Letters cannot be moved or shifted after they are already played.
  • Blank tiles can be used in place of any letter.
  • You can use a turn to exchange any amount of your letters.
  • You can challenge a word before the next turn starts. If the challenge is lost by the player, they the losing party must take their tiles back and they lose their next turn.
  • The game is over when all letters are gone from the letter bag and one of the players has no more tiles. The game also ends if there are no possible plays left.

Scrabble Help and Tips

Here are a few tips to win every game without the use of a Scrabble cheat

  • Plan ahead and use your tiles wisely. There is a limited number of each tile in the game.
  • Be sure to block your opponent whenever possible. In order to keep the highest score, you need to play defense. If you see a possible word and have a chance to block the next player from getting it, take that opportunity!
  • Try to find letters that usually go together like Br,Th, Sh, Ch, etc.
  • Adding the letter ‘s’ to the end of an existing word on a Scrabble board to pluralize it can create an entirely new word.
  • Adding common prefixes or suffixes where they are valid is also an awesome tactic. If the word LOAD is played, add "ED" for LOADED or "UN" for UNLOADED
  • Try to find high value words like words with Q, X, Z or J.
  • Practice, practice, practice!.
  • If all else fails, ask for help
  • You can always our Scrabble word generator if you get stuck
  • Here is a list of Scrabble Help

These Scrabble word game tips will word for any word scramble game.