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How To Use Scrabble Word Finder

Scrabble can bring even the most powerful word masters and anagram solving pros to their knees! So, if you have ever been stumped trying to come up with high-scoring words during a tense game of Scrabble, you are not alone. We've been there, and that's why we brewed up our Scrabble Cheat and Word Finder. It's user-friendly, powerful, and here to help you show that jumble of letters who's boss. Let's get you on the road to Scrabble mastery!

Enter Your Scrabble Letters

First, input the letters you have on your Scrabble rack into the search box. Don't worry about the order - our word solver can unscramble any mix of letters to find playable words.

Include Blank Letter Tiles

If you have blank tiles (wild cards), you can include them when you enter your Scrabble letters into the search box by using a question mark '?'; for example, "A??LE" would find 1,598 possible words, such as APPLE, ADDLE, AGLEY, AXELS, ANGEL, ANGEL, BLAZE, and more.

Use Advanced Search (Optional)

You can use our advanced search options to filter your results by restricting the letters your Scrabble Words can contain and the length.

Click "GO" To Find Answers

After entering your letters and setting your choices, click the "GO" button. Our Scrabble Cheat will generate a list of playable Scrabble words based on your input.

Using Your Scrabble Words

The Word Generator will give list of playable Scrabble words and their point values. The higher the point value, the more it will boost your Scrabble score! If you have a specific place on the Scrabble board where your word needs to be placed, be sure to use the advanced options for help placing it.

Remember, strategic word placement on the board can multiply your points and give you the upper hand. Be sure to use the BONUS squares.

Basics of Scrabble

Scrabble is a classic word game owned by Hasbro. Two to four players can score points by placing a tile with a letter on it onto a Scrabble board to form words, which has a 15x15 grid of squares, which is 225 squares. The tiles letters must make words in crossword puzzle style.

The Scrabble words can read left to right in rows or downward in columns. All Scrabble Words be included in one of the Official Scrabble Word dictionaries.

Scrabble Word Dictionaries

  • NWL (NASPA Word List)

    - USA, Canada, Thailand - formerly TWL
  • CSW (Collins Scrabble Words)

    - All other countries - formerly SOWPODS

To get a better idea of how the game is played, take a look at this example Scrabble game.

scrabble word finder

Starting A Scrabble Game

At the start of the game you will have a Scrabble board, 100 letter tiles, a letter bag, and up to 4 letter racks. Choose your Scrabble dictionary (NWL, CWL) based on your country of origin. Place all tiles into the letter bag, shake them up and draw to see who goes first. The player that draws the tile closest to the letter "A" or if a blank tile is drawn that player starts.

After the turns are chosen, return the tiles to the bag and shake them again. Each player will then draw seven (7) tiles and place them on their letter rack. Now the fun begins!

Scrabble Rules

  • Words can be placed either across or down. Diagonal words are not allowed.
  • Each player should tally their score at the end of his or her turn.
  • The players take turns to the left.
  • On each turn the player must add one or more letters to an already played word to receive the points for full word built.
  • If the letters played touches any adjacent words, it must also form a word in order to be playable.
  • Letters cannot be moved or shifted after they are already played.
  • Blank letter tiles can be used in place of any letter.
  • You can use a turn to exchange any amount of your letters.
  • You can challenge a word before the next turn starts. If the challenge is lost by the player, they the losing party must take their tiles back and they lose their next turn.

Ending a Game of Scrabble

The game is over when all letters are gone from the letter bag and one of the players has no more tiles. The game also ends if there are no possible plays left.

Ready to Play Scrabble?

Want to play Scrabble online? You are in luck! Android and iOS both have online Scrabble games. Scrabble Go is available to download for free.

Scrabble Go was recently updated with great new features! The newest version includes the following:
  • Live games with family and friends

  • You can watch opponents' moves in real-time, just like in an offline Scrabble game!

  • Explore themed events and adventures, including duels and puzzle paths.

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Since Scrabble, Words With Friends, and WordFeud share similarities, our Scrabble Cheat also functions as a Words With Friends Word Finder and WordFeud Cheat. Word game enthusiasts will enjoy using this versatile anagram solver for their favorite word games!

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Scrabble FAQs

Take a look at these frequently asked questions and facts all about Scrabble. We frequently update these FAQs as more comments/questions come in, so if you need anything, feel free to contact us.

  • How Many Squares Are on a Scrabble Board?

    The standard board is 15x15, which makes 225 squares total. It is the same for Words With Friends.

  • How Many Bonus Squares are on a Scrabble Board?

    Bonuses are a great way to give your scores a boost! Lucky for you, there are 61 bonus spaces. Here is a breakdown of each of the bonuses:

    • 8 Triple Word
    • 12 Triple Letter Score
    • 17 Double Word Score
    • 24 Double Letter Score
  • What is the Highest Scoring Scrabble Word

    Technically OXYPHENBUTAZONE, is the highest scoring word with a possible 1778 points, but it has never been successfully played (at last check).

    A more attainable word would be MUZJIKS, it is seven letter word worth 29 points without bonuses. According to a Redditor, your chances of drawing these at the start of the game is 1 in 347,222,222,222!

  • What are the Highest Scoring Two-Letter words and Three Letter Words?

    These are the top 3 two letter words and three-letter words. They aren't very common, so don't be disappointed if you haven't heard of them.

    • 2 Letter

      • QI (11 points)

        (Noun) the circulating life force whose existence and properties are the basis of much Chinese philosophy and medicine.

      • ZA (11 points)

        (Noun) an old solfeggio name for B flat; the seventh harmonic, as heard in the or aeolian string; -- so-called by Tartini. It was long considered a false, but is the true note of the chord of the flat seventh. (Webster Dictionary)

      • ZO (11 points)

        (Noun) An indigenous people of Burma.

    • 3 Letter

      • ZZZ (30 points)

        This implies that a person is sleeping

      • ZIZ (21 points)

        A giant, griffin-like bird in Jewish mythology.

      • ZUZ (21 points)

        (Noun) An ancient Hebrew silver coin, one quarter of a shekel.

  • How Many Words Start With Q and Z?

    Z and Q are the highest scoring letters in Scrabble. They are worth a whopping 10 points each. Knowing these word is a good idea for each Scrabble pro or noob.

    There are 1,118 words starting with Z and 1,352 words starting with Q

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Random Scrabble Words

These are scrambled words and letter combinations from Scrabble. Need more help? Take a look at our Scrabble Help & Tips.