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Sunrise Answers
Levels 1 - 12
Forest Answers
Levels 13 - 80
Canyon Answers
Levels 81 - 160
Sky Answers
Levels 161 - 240
Tropic Answers
Levels 241 - 320
Mountain Answers
Levels 321 - 400
Winter Answers
Levels 401 - 480
Flora Answers
Levels 481 - 560
Autumn Answers
Levels 561 - 640
Jungle Answers
Levels 641 - 720
Desert Answers
Levels 721 - 800
Ocean Answers
Levels 801 - 880
Field Answers
Levels 881 - 960
Lake Answers
Levels 961 - 1040
Vista Answers
Levels 1041 - 1120
Cliff Answers
Levels 1121 - 1200
Beach Answers
Levels 1201 - 1280
Fog Answers
Levels 1281 - 1360
Celestial Answers
Levels 1361 - 1440
Woodland Answers
Levels 1441 - 1520
Outback Answers
Levels 1521 - 1600
Frost Answers
Levels 1601 - 1680
Timberland Answers
Levels 1681 - 1760
Hills Answers
Levels 1761 - 1840
Mist Answers
Levels 1841 - 1920
Formation Answers
Levels 1921 - 2000
Coast Answers
Levels 2001 - 2080
Twilight Answers
Levels 2081 - 2160
Marsh Answers
Levels 2161 - 2240
Woods Answers
Levels 2241 - 2320
Arid Answers
Levels 2321 - 2400
Tide Answers
Levels 2401 - 2480
Passage Answers
Levels 2481 - 2560
Air Answers
Levels 2561 - 2640
Lagoon Answers
Levels 2641 - 2720
Peak Answers
Levels 2721 - 2800
Ice Answers
Levels 2801 - 2880
Bloom Answers
Levels 2881 - 2960
Fall Answers
Levels 2961 - 3040
Rain forest Answers
Levels 3041 - 3120
Rows Answers
Levels 3121 - 3200
Basin Answers
Levels 3201 - 3280
View Answers
Levels 3281 - 3360
Precipice Answers
Levels 3361 - 3440
Starlight Answers
Levels 3441 - 3520
Reflect Answers
Levels 3521 - 3600
Majesty Answers
Levels 3601 - 3680
Astral Answers
Levels 3681 - 3760
Stone Answers
Levels 3761 - 3840
Green Answers
Levels 3841 - 3920
West Answers
Levels 3921 - 4000
Wind Answers
Levels 4001 - 4080
Shore Answers
Levels 4081 - 4160
Ravine Answers
Levels 4161 - 4240
Botanical Answers
Levels 4241 - 4320
Arctic Answers
Levels 4321 - 4400
Galaxy Answers
Levels 4401 - 4480
Tower Answers
Levels 4481 - 4560
Placid Answers
Levels 4561 - 4640
Thrive Answers
Levels 4641 - 4720
Parched Answers
Levels 4721 - 4800
Frigid Answers
Levels 4801 - 4880
Flourish Answers
Levels 4881 - 4960
Aurora Answers
Levels 4961 - 5040
Crest Answers
Levels 5041 - 5120
Foliage Answers
Levels 5121 - 5200
Wildwood Answers
Levels 5201 - 5280
Bare Answers
Levels 5281 - 5360
High seas Answers
Levels 5361 - 5440
Meadow Answers
Levels 5441 - 5520
Tarn Answers
Levels 5521 - 5600
Summit Answers
Levels 5601 - 5680
Bluff Answers
Levels 5681 - 5760
Strand Answers
Levels 5761 - 5840
Cloud Answers
Levels 5841 - 5920
Sublime Answers
Levels 5921 - 6000
Master Levels
Levels 6001 - 20000

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Wordscapes Daily Puzzle

Wordscapes Daily Puzzle Answers

PeopleFun, the developers of Wordscapes, released an update that includes Wordscapes Daily Answers. They release a new puzzle every day! This is great if you love a challenge and like to stimulate your mind. We update the daily puzzle answers each day, so you will never miss a beat. Check back often.

Daily Wordscapes Answers for today, Tuesday October 27, 2020

Here is the link if you would like to see today's daily jumble puzzle: wordscapes daily puzzle for 10-27-2020 . Here are the answers for previous wordscapes daily puzzles.

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What is Wordscapes?

Wordscapes is a well designed and entertaining word puzzle game app created by the makers of Word Chums and Adventure Smash, PeopleFun, Inc. It maintains an excellent 4.9 star rating in the apple store and a 4.7 on Android.

How to play Wordscapes

Once you have downloaded the free Wordscapes app from Google Play, the App Store, or even on your PC, you can start playing right away.

The basic gameplay is simple. It is very similar to a crossword puzzle, but there are no clues available to help you fill in the words. Instead, you are given a wheel of letters and a crossword puzzle table. From there, simply follow these steps to play the game:

  1. Use the letters in your wheel to spell words.
  2. Connect the letters by swiping your finger to each one using one continuous motion.
  3. If the word is on the table, it will automatically appear.

If you form a word that isn’t in the puzzle, but it is a real, recognizable word, you will receive a bonus! Once all of the blanks in the puzzle table are filled in, you win and can move on to the next level. As you reach higher levels, your word wheel will become larger, and you’ll need to create more words by stringing together more letters.

Now that you know the basics of how to play let’s dive into a few tips and pieces of advice you can use to make the game a bit easier and a lot more fun!

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Wordscapes Help & Tips

Go for the Extra Word

You’ll quickly see that many of the levels in Wordscapes have an extra word. You’ll also see that the extra word has a coin in each space. If you want to enhance your gameplay, getting as many coins as possible is a big plus. So, devote a lot of your energy into that ‘extra’ word.

As a bonus, you’ll probably end up coming across some of the actual words in the puzzle while you’re guessing, so you’re not just throwing random letters around. If you want to develop a strategy for your gameplay, go after that extra word first, and follow it up with the rest of the puzzle.

Knock Out the Bigger Words First

Even on the simplest of puzzles, there is usually at least one word that uses all of the letters. If you guess that word first, or early on in the game, it will take some pressure off. It will also make it easier to guess some of the smaller words that are connected to it.

Let’s face it; it feels good to knock out some of those long words, especially as you reach higher levels. So, make them a priority as you start each level, and you can boost your confidence along the way.

Open Up Your Mental Dictionary

One of the great things about Wordscapes is that you aren’t timed. You also aren’t penalized for coming up with wrong words or making up words that don’t actually exist. So, at every level, don’t be afraid to try every word you can possibly think of. That includes putting together letter combinations that you may not even be sure are actual words.

You might surprise yourself by ‘accidentally’ coming up with a word that you hadn’t thought of before. By exhausting every word possibility before moving on to the next level, you can be sure you’re getting as many bonus points and coins as possible.

Try Shorter Versions

Sometimes, the shortest blanks on the puzzle board can be the ones that end up stumping you the most.

If you’re stuck on a short word, try using an abbreviation. Wordscapes only allows words that are formally in the dictionary. So, no slang words are permitted. But, they do allow for some abbreviations, including words like “demo” or “pro.” Think about the shorter versions of some common words if you’re having trouble completing your puzzle.

Another easy trick? Pluralize your words whenever possible. Simply by adding an ‘S’ onto the end of a word, you can create an entirely new word. Even if it isn’t included in the puzzle, it will still be counted as a bonus word for more points. If you have an ‘S’ in your letter wheel, use it to your advantage as often as you can.

Shuffle it Up

If you’ve been looking at the same letters in a certain order for too long, your brain might just feel stuck. So, hit the shuffle button on the letter wheel whenever you need to change your perspective.

By hitting the shuffle button even once, the letters could be rearranged in a way that makes it easy to see a new word or two. Even if it doesn’t lead you to a new word, it can jumble up the letters in such a way that gives you a new view, sparking more motivation and finding a variety of words you just didn’t see before.

Reveal Letters as Needed

We’ve talked about the importance of getting as many coins as possible already. Now, let’s talk about why that’s important.

No matter how creative you are with words, no one is immune to getting stuck on Wordscapes. You could end up spending hours (or even days) on one level just because you can’t figure out which letters are going to make up the word you’re looking for.

This is one area where your collected coins can make a big difference. You can use your coins to reveal certain letters in the puzzle table. Think of it as sort of a ‘Wheel of Fortune’ mentality, making it easier to guess the word when a few letters are already on display to help you put things together.

Obviously, the more coins you have, the more letters you’ll be able to reveal. To some people, this might seem like a hack or a cheat. But, when you’re stumped, and you’ve been on the same level for too long, it can also provide you with a lot of relief, especially if you’re ready to move on.

Other Ways to Earn More Coins

If you want to keep earning more coins to get special advantages, there are more ways to do it! Taking advantage of each way can help you to have a stockpile of coins. Just like in real life, having that cash on hand can cause you to end up with many advantages!

So, how else can you get your hands on some coins?

One of the easiest ways to earn more coins is to solve the daily puzzle. Wordscapes releases a special puzzle every day. Many people use it as a part of their regular routine, just to get their minds going for the day. By solving this puzzle each day, you can earn more coins to use later.

You can also earn more coins by inviting friends and family members to play the game, too! If they use your referral and start playing, you can earn 300 coins per person! All you have to do is be an advocate for a game you love in order to get others involved and earn a lot of coins in the process.

Finally, you can watch videos/advertisements to earn a few coins. Most of them are no more than 30 seconds long, and it’s how the app itself makes most of its money. So, if you’re willing to spend a bit of time watching something promoted by the app, you’ll be benefiting the parent company and earning your coins all at once. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Making the Most of Wordscapes

There are many benefits to playing Wordscapes on a regular basis. It’s extremely relaxing, it can keep your mind sharp, and it’s one of the best wordplay games available for either Android or iOS.

You’ll likely never run out of puzzles to play, and the content itself can be incredibly soothing. So, use it as a way to challenge yourself each day, grow your vocabulary, and make it a part of your routine. By using some of the tips and suggestions listed here, you’ll be a Wordscapes pro in no time, and you’ll be able to enjoy the game even more.

Wordscapes FAQs

  • Can you cheat in Wordscapes?

    Wordscapes is a fun and challenging game! Until you get stuck on a level. That is what our Wordscapes cheat is for. We help you advance when ever you get stuck on a level... so, yes, you can cheat!

  • How many levels are in Wordscapes

    ALOT! 20,000 Levels, including all master levels. You can find the solutions to every level with our wordscapes cheats

  • What do the brilliance points mean in Wordscapes?

    Your brilliance score is the cumulative number of puzzle boxes you've filled since you first started playing Wordscapes. Sometimes teams require a minimum brilliance to join. You cannot redeem this point value for anything, it simply tracks how you are doing in the game.

  • How do I spend coins in Wordscapes?

    You can spend coins during the game when you are stuck on a level and need help, or you can just use our site and save your coins!