Word Scramble Worksheet Tool

Easily create printable word scramble sheets. Add a title and description (optional) and then add unscrambled words the the box below, one word per line. You can print the worksheet and answer keys separately.

* one word per line (50 Words Max at a time.)*
Here is an example scrambled worksheet to get you started.

Scrambled Words
  1. tukr
  2. amesptug
  3. fleeeb
  4. shoinsecm
  5. lareeosscb
  6. eithroscr
  7. ldeo
  8. hramals
  9. ouhcp
  10. amez

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**** this doesn't print on the scrambled word worksheet ****

Answer Key

  1. tukr = turk
  2. amesptug = stumpage
  3. fleeeb = feeble
  4. shoinsecm = mischosen
  5. lareeosscb = sclerobase
  6. eithroscr = chorister
  7. ldeo = dole
  8. hramals = marshal
  9. ouhcp = pouch
  10. amez = maze

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