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Our Word Scramble Solver is an excellent tool to help you solve word scramble games, such as, Scrabble, Words With Friends & Text Twist. Our free Word Scramble Decoder is the only cheat you will ever need. If you would like your own word scramble game, try our Word scramble maker

Word Scramble Games

Benefits of Word Scramble Games

Word games have numerous positive benefits on a person's brain. According to Dr. Cynthia Green @ ShareCare:

Word Games benefit the brain because they activate parts of the brain that deal with language and word finding, which forces the brain to exercise, work and be active.

In addition to a brain boost, here are other benefits:

  • Word Games pass the time in an enjoyable pleasant fashion. Can you imagine waiting in a Doctor's office without a word game to keep you busy?
  • You can connect with your friends & family through free online word games.
  • Meeting new word game players in online play helps you make friends around the world.
  • You will boost your vocabulary. Using and learning the hundreds of thousands of words in the Scrabble and WWF dictionaries will take time, but it will be worth it

Word Scramble Solver

Why use our word solver?

While learning new words and trying to remember and recognize ones you already know scrambled, you are bound to get frustrated and be tempted to give up on word games.

It happens to everyone... We all get stuck sometimes.

I have been playing word games for decades and there are still times when I need a little help.

Not to worry, our word solver is easy and simple to use. Just enter the letters in the search box, choose any advanced options that you need and click search. That's all there is to it!