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Text twist, Text Twist 2, Text Twist 3 & Super Text Twist are fun & exciting word games in which you use 6 or 7 scrambled letters to create as many words as you can within a certain time limit. You can use our text twist unscrambler to find all word answers for Text Twist.

This is an example TextTwist word. the Text Twist Unscrambler found 384 words with these letters, WOPEDAORS.
Text Twist Words For Letters WOPEDAORS

Unscrambler For WOPEDAORS

We found 384 words by unscrambling WOPEDAORS, but we aren't displaying them all. If you would like to see them all, click here unscramble WOPEDAORS

WOPEDAORS is a 9 letter word

Unscramble These Letters WOPEDAORS

Text Twist, Super Text Twist & Super Text Twist

What are these text twist games?

Excellent question! Text Twist is a super fun word game that will have you playing for hours and hours. It is similar to Anagrams

A player is given 6 letters or 7 letters, scrambled. You then have to unscramble as many words as you can within the time limit. The "Twist" in the title comes from one of the features of the game. When you press the twist button, the words are scrambled to allow you to look at them differently and find more words.

Once you create an anagram using all 6 or 7 letters, you can advance to the next round. You get bonuses when you use all possible letter combinations... it is an easy and smart way to rack up points!

Text Twist Solver

What is a text twist unscrambler?

Our Text Twist word finder will unscramble the letters you input and find all possible words and anagrams. What a time saver right?

For example, these letters, lbeadm unscramble to 75 different words! Who knew such a short amount of letters could have so many words scrambled within it?? I did! and that's why I decided to make this word solver to help me out when playing word games.

Our Text twist cheat also words for Scrabble & Words With Friends.

How to use our Text Twist Solver?

It couldn't be easier. All you have to do is entered the scrambled letters into the texttwist search box and click "solve." You can optionally use our advanced options, such as, "word length" and "starts with" for more precise results.

Here is an example of a theoretical game of Text Twist 2 I played and how this Text Twist cheat to help me win, quickly!

These were my letters

Of course I like the challenge,so I began putting in words like, USHER,SUES, SHE,US and many others that I could think of...

I was getting a lot of words, I was excited, but then... BOOM! I hit a brick wall, no more ideas and since I wasn't playing the unlimited mode, the timer was still ticking. What to do??

That is where a text solver can help you in any twist game. I plugged the letters into the search box and INSTANTLY found 41 playable words. Including the 6 letter ones I missed, USHERS & RUSHES

Tips For Unscrambling Text Twist Words

Here are a few tips that helped me when I got stuck playing Text Twist

  • Use the twist feature in the game to mix the letters around! It definitely helps you see your options.
  • Don't forget the plural forms of words. Once you find a word like door, always look for doors. Its a great way to rack in more points
  • Look for letters that commonly end up next to each other like, th, ch, sh, etc.
  • Practice! eventually you will start to recognize the letter combinations.

If you want to give Text Twist a try, here are a few links to download or play online:

Play TextTwist free on one of above game sites or download TextTwist to your PC or Mac and Try our TextTwist Solver and you will never get stuck again.