Words With Friends Cheat

Our Word Finder helps you unscramble letters and find the best and highest scoring words in Words With Friends and Words With Friends 2.

What is Words With Friends?

Words With Friends, also called WWF, is a fun multi-player word game created by & owned by Zynga, formerly "Newtoy." Words With Friends is one of the most popular online word scramble games in the world! Millions of people play every day. The game is very competitive, so many Words With Friends Cheats and help-guides are available (ours is best, of course!).

How do I get Words With Friends?

The Words With Friends app is available for IOS, Android, Windows phones, tablets, and kindle fire. It is also available on social media platforms, such as Facebook.

You can download the apps here

If you want to play on the social media platforms, log on to Facebook and search "Words With Friends" and you will surely find it.

How to Play Words With Friends?

The rules of the game are mostly the same as Scrabble, with a few crucial differences:

  • The arrangement of the bonus tiles on the board are different
  • The point value of each letter or tile is different
  • The Scrabble Word Dictionary is different than the Words With Friends Dictionary. WWF uses the ENABLE (ENHANCED NORTH AMERICAN LEXICON) dictionary with 173,000+ words.
  • Since they use different dictionaries, each game has its own cheat: Scrabble Cheat & WWF Cheat

See below for an example of the WWF game board on IOS.

Example WWF Board
words with friends cheat board
image courtesy of Wikipedia

At the start of the game, you are given seven random letters. You must make words on the board in crossword puzzle style fashion. You can form words horizontally or vertically. You should try to score as many points possible for each word you place on the board because the highest score wins.


  • The first word must be placed so that one of the letters is on the star in the center of the board.
  • Each word after the first word is played, must be placed so that at least one tile is shared from a previous word on the board.
  • Each tile must be placed to form words only horizontally or vertically.
  • You can make more than 1 word when you place your tiles.
  • You can't place a tile if it makes an invalid word on another set of tiles. Use our WWF dictionary to check the validity of a word.
  • The game ends when one of the players uses all tiles in his or her rack and there are no tiles left to draw from.
  • The game can also end prematurely if three turns pass with no scoring turns, if the score is not 0 to 0


  • 35 bonus points are given to any player who uses all seven tiles at once. Be sure to brush up on 7 letter words.
  • If you create multiple words in a single turn, score each word separately, including bonuses. You receive the total of all words and bonuses combined.
  • Bonus Tiles: DL (double score of letter/tile), TL (triple score of letter or tile), DW (double word score), TL (triple word score). Use bonus tiles to boost your score quickly
Here are the full WWF Help Guide including strategies on how to win every game.

What is Words With Friends 2?

Words With Friends 2 is the sequel to Words With Friends, also created by Zynga. It was released in September 2017.

Words With Friends 2 has more game modes than WWF. You can play against your friends in lightning duels or play solo. There is also the addition of 50,000 new words!

The rules remained the same as they were in Words With Friends. The board, bonus tiles & letter value also remained the same.

Here is a link to the new game: Words With Friends 2. Don't forget to follow us on Facebook

How to use our Words With Friends Cheat

Words With Friends is a fun and addicting word scramble game that can be with the app or online. Use our WWF cheat to help you unscramble your letters including '?' as blank tiles. Only use WWF & WWF 2 helper or cheat board when needed and you are sure to have a blast! If you need more help, try our WWF Help Guide.

The WWF Cheat works like this:

  1. The first step is easy. Start a new game of WWF on your favorite platform.
  2. You will be given 7 random letters to start. If you are first, you have a great opportunity to earn bonus points. Enter your tiles into our Word Generator and Submit.
  3. The Word Finder will give you a list of words with your letters. The letters will be grouped by length, so if you notice any 7 letter words from your tile, then you will get 35 bonus points to start!
  4. Repeat the previous 2 steps over and over again, until you win.

Our WWF cheat board & screenshot also works with WWF2.

WWF Help & Tips

How can I win every game in Words With Friends?

Here are a few tips that may help you win

The object of the game is to score the highest amount of points and usually to do so, you have to keep your opponents score low.

  • Don't make it easy for your opponent! Make sure you are very aware of the words that can be played based on the letter you put out. You may set them up for all kinds of bonuses, unintentionally.
  • Don't be afraid to try words that you don't know. Whats the worst that could happen if you put in a word that's not real? Try to hit the bonuses when doing so.
  • As stated before, go for bonuses. Go for double letter and triple letter blocks when ever possible
  • Make sure you study the board before you make your next move. You could be overlooking tons of points or giving away points.
  • Make sure you know these 2 letter words, ex, za, qi,and xu. Two letter words are a good chance for easy points, if you know them.
  • Take a look at our full WWF Guide for more detail

Words With Friends is all about strategy. With a little bit of planning, knowledge of playable words, and attention to detail you can win every game. Also remember, a good defense helps you win games.

Words With Friends FAQs

What Dictionary Does Words With Friends Use?

Words with friends & words with friends 2 both use the ENABLE dictionary.

What is ENABLE?

ENABLE is an acronym for Enhanced North American Benchmark Lexicon

What is the Highest Scoring Words With Friends Word?

Not including bonuses, ethylenediaminetetraacetates, is worth 218 points and has 28 letters.

What is the Green Button on the WWF App?

It is the word radar button. If you click it, it will show you where you can place letters on the board.

Example Words With Friends Letters

Combine Words
Bird + Duck = Bick
Apple + Honor = Aplonor
Hand + Locker = Handocker

Combine Names
Brad + Angelina = Brangelina
Robert + Katelyn = Robyn
Gregory + Janet = Granet

Word Combiner