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How to Use our WordFeud Cheat

Our Cheat is for the English version of WordFeud. We also have English, Spanish, German, Italian, and French WordFeud Cheat available.

We designed our WordFeud Helper to be easy to use for all word gamers. All you have to do is enter your letters into the search box, use '?' for wildcards and click go. Our WordFeud word finder is the only helper you will need when you play WordFeud.

Features of Our Online WordFeud Word Finder Tool

  • Unscrambled words are grouped by letter and sorted alphabetically.

  • Use the advanced options to filter words by the starting letter. This will help you place your tiles more effectively.

  • Choose the maximum word length to limit your resulting unscramble words.

  • You can use '?' or spaces for joker tiles aka blank tiles.

WordFeud Information

You probably already know that our Wordfeud Cheat will quickly unscramble any letters you throw at it, but what is WordFeud?

What is WordFeud?

WordFeud is a free multiplayer word game developed by Haakon Bertheussen in 2010. The setup, the rules, and the gameplay are very similar to Scrabble and Words With Friends.

How to Play WordFeud

If you have ever played Scrabble or Words With Friends, you will likely feel right at home with WordFeud. Just like in Scrabble, you have to place letter tiles on a 15 x 15 standard board and try to find words and score points from your letters.

All of the bonus points from Scrabble are included in WordFeud. The double letter, double word, triple letter, and triple word are on the board, ready to boost your score when needed!

Certain letters have different point values, such as J is worth 10 points instead of 8. You can see all of the letter values at the bottom of the page.

Although the rules may be similar, this is definitely not a copy word game. WordFeud has several features unique to it. Here are some of the best features:

WordFeud Features

  • Play in multiple games, up to 30 games simultaneously
  • Challenge friends and random opponents
  • Chat and play at the same time
  • You can enable push notifications to alert you of your opponents latest move
  • Another nice feature is the board randomizer. You can reorder the position of the bonus tiles, which gives the game a whole new feel.

WordFeud Game - Available Languages

WordFeud is available in many languages, which makes it even more user friendly. The available languages are:

  • Danish (Dansk) - Denmark (DA)
  • Dutch - Netherlands (NL)
  • English - United States (US) and United Kingdom (UK)
  • Finnish (FI)
  • French - France (FR)
  • German (DE)
  • Norwegian - Norway (NO)
  • Portuguese (Português) - Portugal (PT)
  • Spanish
  • Swedish (Svenska) - Sweden (SE)

What Dictionaries Does WordFeud Use?

WordFeud uses different dictionaries for each language. See below for a breakdown:

  • The English version of WordFeud allows you to choose between the Scrabble SOWPODS (International) word list or the Scrabble TWL (US) word list.
  • The Swedish dictionary is provided by The Swedish Academy (Svenska Akademien).
  • The Dutch dictionary is proprietary, created by TaalTik, using the OpenTaal dictionary as base material. You can get more info about the words in the list from wordfeud.taaltik.nl.
  • Wordfeud uses Dansk Sprognævns Retskrivningsordbog, 4. udgave, 2012, inkl. 8. digitale oplag, 2017. It also includes the latest updates from 2021.
  • Wordfeud uses "NSF-ordlisten", made by the Norwegian Scrabble Association (Norsk Scrabbleforbund).
  • The Portuguese dictionary is proprietary, created by spellonit.com. For more information and / or feedback, see http://spellonit.com/support/por/

Links to download WordFeud

How Can I Get WordFeud Help? Contact WordFeud?

You can contact them directly by email using <[email protected]>

How do you Unscramble Words in WordFeud?

Here are a few tips that will help you find words in WordFeud or any competitive word games. Unscrambling letters is universal, although, the rules of the word game may differ.

Easily Unscramble WordFeud Letters for any word scramble board game

  • Look for letters that commonly end up next to each other like, th, ch, sh, etc.
  • Try to remember short words and letter combinations.
  • Just like other words games, always try to pluralize your words! Don't forget the plural forms of words, like word and words. Two perfectly separate and valid words.
  • Don't get overwhelmed. According to Bernard Golden, Ph.D., emotions can override rational thought. So, if you keep calm and cool, you will do better and make better decisions.
  • Remember to utilize the bonus squares (DL, TL, DW,TW) in addition to finding the highest scoring words maximize points

    • DL: Place a valid word here for a double letter score. Which ever letter lands on this bonus tile will have its value doubled.
    • TL: Place a valid word here for a tripe letter score. This bonus tile will triple the letter value.
    • DW: Place a valid word here for a double word score. This will give your score a big boost by doubling the entire value of the word played.
    • TW: Place a valid word here for a triple word score. This bonus tile will give you a HUGE boost by tripling the value of the word played.
  • You can swap tiles and skip your turns, but do so only to gain a strategic advantage.
  • Our word finder can show you the best place to use your blank tile on the game board.
  • If you can use all seven tiles in your rack you will get a BINGO! 40 bonus points.