gizzard is worth 31 points in the game of Scrabble®

Definitions for the word, gizzard
(n.) A stomach armed with chitinous or shelly plates or teeth, as in certain insects and mollusks.
(n.) A thick muscular stomach found in many invertebrate animals.
(n.) The second, or true, muscular stomach of birds, in which the food is crushed and ground, after being softened in the glandular stomach (crop), or lower part of the esophagus; the gigerium.

32 Scrabble® words found in the Scrabble® word, gizzard
6 letter words
izzard (29 points)
4 letter words
razz (26 points)
izar (17 points)
drag (10 points)
gird (10 points)
grad (10 points)
grid (10 points)
arid (9 points)
ragi (9 points)
raid (9 points)
gadi (6 points)
3 letter words
adz (13 points)
zag (13 points)
zig (13 points)
gar (8 points)
rad (8 points)
rag (8 points)
rid (8 points)
rig (8 points)
air (7 points)
ria (7 points)
dag (5 points)
dig (5 points)
gad (5 points)
gid (5 points)
aid (4 points)
2 letter words
za (11 points)
ar (6 points)
ad (3 points)
ag (3 points)
id (3 points)
ai (2 points)

Scrabble letter values
A is 1 points
B is 3 points
C is 3 points
D is 2 points
E is 1 points
F is 4 points
G is 2 points
H is 4 points
I is 1 points
J is 8 points
K is 5 points
L is 1 points
M is 3 points
N is 1 points
O is 1 points
P is 3 points
Q is 10 points
R is 1 points
S is 1 points
T is 1 points
U is 1 points
V is 4 points
W is 4 points
X is 8 points
Y is 4 points
Z is 10 points

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