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What is the Word Domination game?

Created by MAG Interactive, Word Domination is a fast paced, easy-to-play but hard-to-stop word game. You have to think fast with this real-time word game! No more waiting for your opponent to move; you can see the letter tiles move as your opponent moves them. If you like Scrabble, Words With Friends, or WordFeud then you will love Word Domination!

How to Play

You start the game with seven letters and a 9x9 square board. Your job is to find a valid word to play before your 75-second timer runs out. Each player has five turns to try to score the most points. You can GREATLY increase your score by using boosters, up to 3 per game. So your power-ups wisely.

Word Domination adds a bit a strategy by allowing you to collect over 45 boosters that you can use against your opponents. Use them wisely to ensure an easy victory!

You can sharpen your skills and earn rewards by playing in solo mode. Challenge the mascot Tiler and his army of bots in one-on-one matches that will definitely give you a run for the money!

Letter Tile Values

There are 102 tiles in English, here are the values.

  • 1 Point - A, E, I, L, N, O, R, S and T
  • 2 Points - D and U
  • 3 Points - G and M
  • 4 Points - B, C, F, H, P, V, W and Y
  • 5 Points - K
  • 8 Points - X
  • 10 Points - J, Q and Z

Bonus Squares

There are bonus squares, just like in Scrabble, WWF, and WordFeud, in addition to the boosters that will increase your score.

  • DL - Double Letter Bonus
  • TL - Triple Letter Bonus
  • DW - Double Word Bonus
  • TW - Triple Word Bonus

Word Domination is also available in Spanish, Italian, French, German, and Swedish.


  • Each player starts with three core boosters and as you progress in the game, more become available for purchase or for completing the daily challenge
  • Exciting matches
  • Boosted gameplay - you can collect boosters (power ups) with special features.
  • You can use u
  • Real time games with players from around the world.
  • Seasonal tournaments

You can use our Word Domination Cheat every time you feel like you need a hand with word building, it will take away your stress when trying to place hard to use letters and only leave fun. You can create massive words and earn big points!

How can I download Word Domination?

You can download Word Domination for free for iOS and Android at the links below.

Word Domination Cheat

How can I get Word Domination Answers?

Our cheat will help you descramble your letters to help you solve anagrams and find word lists to complete your puzzle.

Features of our Word Domination Word Finder

  • Select the starting letter to help you place your letter tiles easily.

  • Select the ending tile if you need to end your word connected to an existing word.

  • You can also select letters that your word should contain.

  • Choose the length of your results

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