JADE12 is a valid Scrabble Word in NWL, formerly TWL (USA, Thailand, Canada)

JADE12 is a valid Scrabble Word in CSW, formerly SOWPODS (Other Countries)

JADE14 is a valid word in WWF

Definitions for Jade

(n.) A disreputable or vicious woman; a wench; a quean; also, sometimes, a worthless man.
(n.) A mean or tired horse; a worthless nag.
(n.) A stone, commonly of a pale to dark green color but sometimes whitish. It is very hard and compact, capable of fine polish, and is used for ornamental purposes and for implements, esp. in Eastern countries and among many early peoples.
(n.) A young woman; -- generally so called in irony or slight contempt.
(v. i.) To become weary; to lose spirit.
(v. t.) To exhaust by overdriving or long-continued labor of any kind; to tire or wear out by severe or tedious tasks; to harass.
(v. t.) To make ridiculous and contemptible.
(v. t.) To treat like a jade; to spurn.

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