PRINT7 is a valid Scrabble Word in NWL, formerly TWL (USA, Thailand, Canada)

PRINT7 is a valid Scrabble Word in CSW, formerly SOWPODS (Other Countries)

PRINT9 is a valid word in WWF

Definitions for Print

(n.) A core print. See under Core.
(n.) A mark made by impression; a line, character, figure, or indentation, made by the pressure of one thing on another; as, the print of teeth or nails in flesh; the print of the foot in sand or snow.
(n.) A photographic copy, or positive picture, on prepared paper, as from a negative, or from a drawing on transparent paper.
(n.) A printed cloth; a fabric figured by stamping, especially calico or cotton cloth.
(n.) A printed publication, more especially a newspaper or other periodical.
(n.) A stamp or die for molding or impressing an ornamental design upon an object; as, a butter print.
(n.) An impression taken from anything, as from an engraved plate.
(n.) Printed letters; the impression taken from type, as to excellence, form, size, etc.; as, small print; large print; this line is in print.
(n.) That which is produced by printing.
(n.) That which receives an impression, as from a stamp or mold; as, a print of butter.
(v. i.) To publish a book or an article.
(v. i.) To use or practice the art of typography; to take impressions of letters, figures, or electrotypes, engraved plates, or the like.
(v. t.) To fix or impress, as a stamp, mark, character, idea, etc., into or upon something.
(v. t.) To stamp or impress with colored figures or patterns; as, to print calico.
(v. t.) To stamp something in or upon; to make an impression or mark upon by pressure, or as by pressure.
(v. t.) To strike off an impression or impressions of, from type, or from stereotype, electrotype, or engraved plates, or the like; in a wider sense, to do the typesetting, presswork, etc., of (a book or other publication); as, to print books, newspapers, pictures; to print an edition of a book.
(v. t.) To take (a copy, a positive picture, etc.), from a negative, a transparent drawing, or the like, by the action of light upon a sensitized surface.

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