TWINE8 is a valid Scrabble Word in NWL, formerly TWL (USA, Thailand, Canada)

TWINE8 is a valid Scrabble Word in CSW, formerly SOWPODS (Other Countries)

TWINE9 is a valid word in WWF

Definitions for Twine

(n.) A strong thread composed of two or three smaller threads or strands twisted together, and used for various purposes, as for binding small parcels, making nets, and the like; a small cord or string.
(n.) A twist; a convolution.
(n.) The act of twining or winding round.
(n.) To change the direction of.
(n.) To mingle; to mix.
(n.) To twist together; to form by twisting or winding of threads; to wreathe; as, fine twined linen.
(n.) To wind about; to embrace; to entwine.
(n.) To wind, as one thread around another, or as any flexible substance around another body.
(v. i.) To ascend in spiral lines about a support; to climb spirally; as, many plants twine.
(v. i.) To mutually twist together; to become mutually involved.
(v. i.) To turn round; to revolve.
(v. i.) To wind; to bend; to make turns; to meander.

Unscrambled Words using the letters TWINE

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