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Word Wiz

You can use our Word Wiz Cheat every time you feel like you need a hand in Word Wiz.

What is Word Wiz?

Word Wiz is a word connect game that combines word searches, crossword puzzles and anagrams all into one fun game. This challenging game will definitely keep your brain active for hours on end.

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What word can you make with these letters? S W R O D? Word Wiz will train your brain to solve word puzzles with the greatest of ease.

Word Wiz benefits

  • Have fun while training your brain.
  • There are over 10,000 word puzzles
  • You can switch between modes: Relaxing & Challenging

Word Wiz Cheat

How can I get Word Wiz Answers?

Our cheat will help you unscramble your letters to help you solve your puzzle. You can select the length of the word that you are looking for from our advanced options and then click "go."

Selecting the length is optional. If you leave the word finder with the default values, we will display all possible words, group by word length.

Feel free to use our online Word Wiz cheat app any time you get stuck on a level.

Word Wiz Letters From All Levels

Here are example words from Word Wiz on random levels.