3 Letter Words

Three letter words ARE some of THE most frequently used words in English. Short words like this are great for teaching children to read, but not only that, words with three letters ARE also an easy way of scoring a FEW extra points in your Scrabble, WWF, or 3 Letter Wordle word game! The word ZZZ is worth 30 points, and FIZ is worth 15 points!

We have 1,349 words in this 3 letter words list.

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How Many Three-Letter Words Are There?

Depending on which dictionary you are using or which word game you are playing:

  • English Dictionary has 1,348
  • Scrabble UK has 1,292
  • Scrabble US has 1,015
  • Words With Friends has 972

Learning To Read With Three-Letter Words

Three-letter words are the building blocks in children's early stages of literacy development. They are the perfect starting point for young learners on their reading journey. Simple and manageable, these simple words help children gain confidence and foster a love for reading from a young age. Words like 'cat,' 'dog,' 'run,' 'sit,' and 'hat' allows children to understand the basic principles of phonics and word formation. They help develop the child's phonemic awareness, a crucial skill in reading and spelling.

Moreover, these sight words can introduce children to sentence structure, as they understand how words can be combined to convey meaning. So, in essence, three-letter words are not just words; they are the stepping stones that pave the way for a child's linguistic development and reading proficiency.  You can also make learning fun by creating your own word scramble or word search with one of our many free online tools, such as our random word generator.

3 Letter Words For Kids

Learning new words is an exciting adventure for children. This journey expands their vocabulary and helps them better understand and express their thoughts and feelings. Here's a list of 30 simple, fun, and commonly used three-letter words that children can quickly learn and use. These words encompass various aspects of life, like animals, nature, objects, and actions, making them relatable and exciting for young minds.

  • Cat
  • Dog
  • Sun
  • Fun
  • Hat
  • Bat
  • Jam
  • Car
  • Map
  • Box
  • Run
  • Toy
  • Ant
  • Sky
  • Hot
  • Wet
  • Big
  • Up
  • Key
  • Pen
  • Red
  • Bed
  • Yes
  • No
  • Day
  • End
  • Fix
  • Zip
  • Two
  • One

What Are Some Common 3 Letter Words?

Forming a sentence daily is challenging without using one of the many three-letter words. That said, look at the most commonly used words with three letters.

Need Help Finding 3-Letter Words With These Letters?

The letters X and Q are extremely hard to find words for, but we can help. See below for a short list of usable three letter words with these letters.

Three Letter Words With Q

The English language is full of quirks and peculiarities, including the seemingly sparse use of the letter 'Q' in words, especially in three-letter words. However, upon closer inspection, you'll find that many such words might come in handy in word games or puzzles. Here are some examples:

  • qgp
  • coq
  • loq
  • qua
  • que
  • qui
  • quo
  • suq
  • esq
  • qat
  • qis
  • seq

Three Letter Words With X

The letter 'X' often presents a unique challenge due to its infrequent use. Nevertheless, the world of words does not disappoint and offers an array of three letter words with X that could enhance your vocabulary or improve your word game skills. Explore the following examples:

  • axe
  • box
  • cox
  • dex
  • dux
  • exo
  • fax
  • fix
  • fox
  • gox
  • hex
  • hox
  • kex
  • lax
  • lex
  • lox
  • lux
  • max
  • mix
  • mux
  • nix
  • nox
  • oxo
  • oxy
  • pax
  • pix
  • pox
  • pyx
  • rax
  • rex
  • sax
  • six
  • sox
  • tax
  • tex
  • tix
  • tux
  • vex
  • vox
  • wax
  • wex
  • wox
  • xis
  • yex
  • zax
  • zex

What Are The Highest Scoring 3-Letter Words?

The highest-scoring word varies by the word game you are playing, but for the most part, if you want a high score from a three-letter word, you need to look for 3 letter words with these letters: Z, J, Q, or X. Here is a breakdown:

Scrabble US - ZZZ is worth 30 points

Scrabble UK - ZZZ is worth 30 points

Words With Friends - ZAX is worth 19 points

Combine Words

Bird + Duck = Bick
Apple + Honor = Aplonor
Hand + Locker = Handocker

Combine Names

Brad + Angelina = Brangelina
Robert + Katelyn = Robyn
Gregory + Janet = Granet

You can use our Word Combiner to combine anything!