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What is Boggle?

Boggle is a word scramble game created by Zynga,Inc. The game play is easy! You get a 4x4 grid of scrambled letters and you have to swipe across or diagonal to make words, as many as you can.

BWF is a modern take on the classic board game from Hasbro, Inc, the owner of Scrabble. This game has loads of exciting new modes, daily challenges, and puzzling twists! Test your friends, family, or new players to spell out the most words before the two-minute clock runs out.


  • Complete Daily and Weekly Challenges
  • Train in Solo-play
  • Challenge an opponent
  • Compete in live tournaments
  • Collect daily prizes!
  • Play offline
  • Available in 9 languages: Spanish, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Turkish, and English.
Links to download Boggle
The game is free to play; however, in-app purchases are available for additional content and in-game currency.

FAQs for Boggle With Friends

Q1: What is Boggle With Friends?

A: Boggle With Friends is a mobile game adaptation of the classic board game Boggle. The game retains the fun of the original board game, while introducing new and challenging twists.

Q2: What are some key features of Boggle With Friends?

A: The key features of Boggle With Friends include:

  • The ability to challenge your friends and family to play, find words, and earn bragging rights.
  • A rankings ladder that you can climb up through solo play, with a variety of fun new themes and challenges.
  • The opportunity to participate in live tournaments, showing off your skills and winning cool rewards.
  • The ability to play and sharpen your skills from anywhere, even offline.

Q3: Can I play Boggle With Friends offline?

A: Yes, you can play Boggle With Friends and sharpen your skills from anywhere, even offline.

Q4: Can I compete with others in Boggle With Friends?

A: Yes, in Boggle With Friends you can challenge your friends and family to play, find words, and earn bragging rights. You can also participate in live tournaments to show off your skills and win cool rewards.

Q5: Is Words With Friends made by Zynga?

A: Yes! It is.

Boggle Example Words

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